Zhejiang Ruian City Group is a mall-based, market-oriented asset as a link, through reorganization, holding, and other forms of equity participation and the formation of joint-stock enterprise group, the registered capital of billion across the marketing, advertising, decoration, road and bridge construction, shops and other business areas of the swap spread is the leading enterprises in Ruian City business.
    Ryan mall was built in 1993, the total area of 226 mu, building area of 20 square meters, the total number of 5,680 stores spread over ground and underground parking area of 10 square meters. Is a set of clothing, clothing accessories, knitwear, household small percentage, bedding, cosmetics, cloth, footwear, furniture, home appliances and other fifth largest industry, on the kinds of commodities of large integrated market. Turnover of goods year after year the forefront of major markets in Wenzhou column, is the largest commodity southern Zhejiang distribution center in northern Fujian, the market management office since 2002, since decoupling, store turnover increased year by year to reach 6.075 billion yuan in 2009. Ruian, Zhejiang Province has been named regional mall key markets, key markets and two-star civilization regulate the market, the National hundred industrial market and so on.
    In 1997, Ryan mall through the joint-stock restructuring, the establishment of a diversified comprehensive business Zhejiang Mall Group Co., Ltd., successfully expanding sales of goods for the regional round of capital operation. In order to meet the needs of commerce throughout the Area, through market development and capital operation, a bold new markets, respectively, in 2000 and 2002, Ryan has to build the Commodity Trading Center Mall and three area clothing market, and further promote the prosperity and development of mall .
    Group always adhere to the "do companies around the mall and good company for the mall," the basic principle, adhere to "the prosperity and development" as the management objectives, to "civilization and norms" for the management policy. In 2008, the company has successfully carried out institutional reforms, streamline the internal management mechanism, change management, strengthening the market services and the introduction of personal responsibility, accountability and performance by objectives linked to the assessment mechanism, and gradually form a "clear division of responsibilities, management science, the combination of incentives and constraints "of the modern enterprise group.
      Ryan Mall, based on Ryan this hot land reform and opening up, shoulder high expectations of the people of Ryan. As a leader in commodity trading market, in the "tree of brand awareness, create credit mall," the new period, will shine with more dazzling brilliance!